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All players are provided with state of the art paintball gear.
Maintained in peak condition by our professional staff. We use:
V-Force Mask

The V-Force Armour Shield Paintball Mask/Goggle system, it's the most advanced form of eye and face protection out there.

Originally adapted from motocross masks, they are designed to withstand the impacts of rocks and sticks. A paintball, being a gelatine shelled capsule, will simply splatter on impact.

Tippman 98 paintball marker

The American made Tippmann 98 semi automatic paintball marker. No question, it's the most rugged, accurate lightweight, dependable paintball marker out there.


We use only top quality Paintballs. Designed for Australian conditions. They are 100% biodegradable and breakdown in a matter of days.

Camouflage Overalls

All paintballers are given full camouflage overalls, which protect your clothes and give you that extra camouflage in the woodland.