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Game Tips

Work As A Team - A well organised team is always a lot harder to beat than a group of individuals. Cover and fire in small groups is a great way to start and a lot of fun.

Know The Rest Of Your Team - If you don't know the rest of your team - introduce yourself. Not only will you make friends but you may wish to call out them for backup when you are under attack!.

Try Not To Get Tunnel Vision - when you are guarding an objective. An opponent will not always come from the front.

If You Are Unsure - whether a Paintball has burst and you are out of the game ask a referee or a team mate to check you out.

If There Is Anything You Are Unsure Of - or need help with, ask a referee - that's what they are there for.

Know The Game Objectives - and work to achieve them. Remember . . . Winners are Grinners!. Watch your cover. Where possible stay with most of your body behind cover. Try not to walk out in the open. Stay low. Crouching or kneeling is best. Avoid lying flat where possible as it will be harder to move in a hurry.

When Moving Between Cover - Get a team mate to cover you. Concentrate on getting to the next piece of cover - run, stay low and don't try to run and fire (your aim will be all over the place). When you reach cover make sure you are not exposed, steady, take aim and let rip . . .

Remember to Aim.