Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions with answers to help make sure your paintballing experience is easy, allowing you to focus on getting out in the field!

PaintBall Packages

Paintball Perth Swan Valley


What is Paintball?
Paintballing is an activity or game that involves running around shooting players with paintballs. We use the Tippman 98 gas powered semi-automatic gun. The balls are approx size of a marble.
Does it hurt?
When a player is hit with a paintball, it can feel like a sting or pinch. It also will depend on the distance a player is hit from. We have a safe distance rule so no close/point blank range shots allowed. The paintballs we use are good quality, easy break balls too which lessens the impact. We also offer coveralls with neck protection and have chest plates for kids & females. But as they say, no pain no gain! Remember it’s all in the name of fun!
What do players wear?
We provide full body camouflage coveralls and a protective head mask. Chest plates are available for kids & female players. We recommend to wear comfortable clothing such as tshirt and shorts/leggings. Each player MUST wear closed in shoes to run around in (old sneakers are perfect).
Will we get dirty?
As each player has coveralls on this will protect from getting covered in paint however our venue is outdoors in bushland so be prepared to get a bit sandy (or muddy if raining). Our paint also washes off easily as it is vegetable based, water soluble paint.
Do we play in any weather?
We go ahead rain, hail or shine! Makes for great fun even in the rain. (Safety is our priority so if there is thunder/lightening we will judge this on the day).
How many balls does a player need in a session?
Adult players may use from 300-500 paintballs in a session of 4 hours. Kids may use from 250-350. We always have great deals with set amounts of paintballs and top up bags are available on the day if required. Check out our great packages for kids and adults!
Can I bring my own paintballs?
NO. We do not allow players to bring their own paintballs in.
What type of paintballs do you use?
We use vegetable base nontoxic biodegradable, water soluble paintballs.
What group sizes are required?
We require a minimum of 20 players to run a session. If you would like a private session we require a minimum of 20 players. If you have less than 20, we can join you with another group (like with like).
What is the age limit?
The WA legal age limit is 12yrs+. (under 12yrs are strictly not allowed but can choose our Splatball option).
Are groups supervised?
Each group will have a trained referee to run their games and look after them throughout the session. For kids groups (12-15yrs) we require a parent/guardian 18yrs+ on-site to accompany the group on the day (not required to play however they are welcome to join in the fun!).
Is food available?
We provide a FREE sausage sizzle in some packages on weekend sessions. There is also an option to pre-order this at $4 per person. Please enquire for further information.
Can we BYO food/drinks?
You are welcome to BYO any food/drinks/cake on the day. You MUST bring your own esky for storage. Food MUST be ready to serve.
Can we use your BBQ facilities?
NO. Our bbq facilities are for company use only.
Are spectators allowed?
Spectators are very welcome (no charge, safety requirements must be observed).
Is there a table/chairs area?
We do have an undercover area with tables and chairs. Space is limited so on busy days we may recommend bringing your own trestle table to put your food on. Please check with us prior to your day of play to ensure this is an option.
What time should we arrive?
DO NOT BE LATE!! We strongly request ALL players arrive for their booked session or 10 minutes early. This ensures all players are ready to start the session at the same time. Late comers put everyone else behind and may as a result miss out.
Where are you located?
We are at 12191 West Swan Rd, Henley Brook. (Just north of the roundabout on the cnr of Gnangara RD and West Swan RD). Our main sign is on the left next to the bus stop. Head up the dirt track, cross between the lake and follow our signage to the top carpark at the very end of the track.
Can we drink alcohol?
NO. This is a no alcohol venue due to the nature of play and equipment. All players must be fully coherent. Any players suspected of having used drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave. We operate a fun and safe activity for all. We do not tolerate poor or abusive behaviour.
Do you run night games?
We operate in Swan Valley bushland and it does get very dark at night so we don’t run night games. In summer we can offer late games that may finish at 7pm (upon request). As long as there is light we are happy to play!