Paintball Fields

Explore our various playing fields whilst using your best tactical manoeuvres to outwit your opponents. Our fields are set in bushland with several barricades such as cars, trees, boats, tyre mounds, concrete tunnels and of course our popular double decker bus!

Playing games like capture the flag, attack and defend, centre flag and speedball. Crawl and weave through our obstacles while you dodge the paintballs and defend your troops.

There’s no place like The Skirm!

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Gun Range

Optional fun for any special occasion. We invite VIP’s of the session to come run it for a gift they won’t forget.


An exciting new addition to the skirm. Our latest and largest field, allowing for 20v20 battles. Work with your team as the attackers to retrieve objective intel or be the defenders and stop that from happening!

The Pit

A large scale map with plenty of cover and advantageous flanks.

General Bushlands

Plan your escape with your tactical abilities in this large-scale map.

Storm the Bus

A unique field specific for the Search & destroy objective based game. You will get the opportunity to be on the attacking & defending team. 

Pellet Maze

A specifically tailored field for the traditional capture the flag game but with a touch of the Skirm.