Splatball FAQs

Got questions? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions with answers to help make sure your Splatball party planning is a breeze!

Splatball Packages

Splatball Perth


What is Splatball?
Splatball is a low impact version of paintballing. It involves using a pump action gun (instead of gas powered) meaning the velocity is less. The balls are also a smaller size paintball (approx half the size of a marble). Splatball sessions are shorter too which suits the younger kids.
Does it hurt?
Generally no. As the guns are pump action the balls fire at a very low velocity therefore low impact.
What do players wear?
We provide full body camouflage coveralls, protective head mask. Chest plates are not required as the impact is very low. We recommend to wear comfortable clothing such as tshirt and shorts. Each player MUST wear closed in shoes to run around in (old sneakers).
Will we get dirty?
As each player has coveralls on this will protect from getting covered in paint however our venue is outdoors in bushland so be prepared to get a bit sandy (or muddy if raining).
Do we play in any weather?
We go ahead in rain, hail or shine! Makes for great fun even in the rain. (safety is our priority so if there is thunder/lightening we will judge this on the day).
Do Splatball groups play in a separate area to paintballing?
Yes our Splatball groups will be in a different area.
How many balls does a player need in a session?
Our packages include 400 balls per player. This is usually more than enough for the hour of play. It is rare for players to require more.
What group sizes are required?
We require a minimum of 10 players to run a session. We can join groups together to make up the numbers. If you would like a private session we require a minimum of 20 players.
What is the age limit?
We have set the age limit to 8yrs+. Kids and adults can play Splatball.
Are the kids supervised?
Each group will have a trained referee to run their games and look after them throughout the session. We also require a parent/guardian 18yrs+ to accompany the group on the day (not required to play however they are welcome to join in the fun!).
Can we BYO food/drinks?
You are welcome to BYO any food/drinks/cake on the day. You MUST bring your own esky for storage. Food MUST be ready made.
Can we use your BBQ facilities?
Our bbq facilities are for company use only.
Are spectators allowed?
Spectators are very welcome (no charge).
Is there a table/chairs area?
We have an undercover area with tables and chairs. Space is limited so on busy days we may recommend bringing your own trestle table to put your food on. Please check with us prior to your day of play to ensure this is an option.